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Other Publications

2015.08- Virtual Headcam Pan_tilt Mirror-based Facial Performance Tracking_TOP SHEET.png
spherical-lightfields-final bolas.jpg
2015.03- Towards context-sensitive reorientation for real walking in virtual reality_TOP SHEET.png
2014.05- Rapid Avatar Capture and Simulation Using Commodity Depth Sensors_TOP SHEET_JP.png
2014.05- Virtual Coaches over Mobile Video_TOP SHEET.png
2013- Rapid Generation of Personalized Avatars_demo_TOP SHEET.png
2012.08- Comparability of Narrow and Wide Field-Of-View Head-Mounted Displays_TOP SHEET.png
2010.11- Simulating Hearing Loss in Virtual Training_TOP SHEET.png
2011.03- FAAST- The Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit_TOP SHEET.png
2011.03- Redirection on Mixed Reality Walking Surfaces_TOP SHEET.png
2010.05- Augmented Reality Applications and User Interfaces Using Head-Coupled_TOP SHEET .png
2010.01- Experiments in Mixed Reality_TOP SHEET.png
2006- Concave Surround Optics for Rapid Multiview Imaging_siggraph poste...._TOP SHEET.png
VR2GO_MxR_Software_Packet_TOP SHEET.png
VR2GO_Packet - Android_TOP SHEET.png
1992.01- Design and Virtual Environments_TOP SHEET.png
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