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I founded and direct the MxR (Mixed Reality) Lab and Studio, a creative research environment intertwined between the School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) and the Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) as a sandbox in which I could play with USC’s world leading storytellers, interactive media artists, engineers, computer scientists, and research psychologists. The lab is housed in a 14,000 s.f. warehouse at ICT and the studio is on the 3rd floor of the Interactive Media building at USC. At present, MxR is home to more than 25 students, staff, interns, and researchers on projects funded by over $2.5 million in annual gifts and grants by fantastic sponsors that help to push the vision of human computer interaction.



Mark Bolas, Director for Mixed Reality Research     

David Krum, Computer Scientist 

Sin-Hwa Kang, Research Associate 

 Thai Phan, Industrial Design Engineer 

Ryan Spicer, Programmer Analyst III 

Rhys Yahata, Programmer Analyst II 

Alice Zhou, REU Intern                                              

Ayaana Sikora, SURF Student                                              

David Nelson, Special Project Manager   

Allison Aptaker, Project Specialist Admin 

Dave Dorsey, Lab Assistant 

Stephen Pinkerton, Graduate Research Assistant 

Tyler Ard, Postdoctor-Scholar

Evan Suma, Research Assistant Professor 

Timofey Grechkin, Postdoctor-Scholar 

Jerald Thomas, Summer Intern 

Courtney Hutton, REU Intern                                              

Himanshu Chaturvedi, Research Assistant

Nate Newsome, Research Assistant  

Mark Bolas, Associate Professor

David Nelson, Special Project Manager

            Vangelis Lympouridis, Project Coordinator

                   Fotos Frangoudes, USC/Computer Science (Ph.D)

                   Jasmine Ying, USC/Computer Science Games (BS)                       

                   Robert Paul Warren Finney, USC/Interactive Media (MFA)

                   Joel Luis Suarez, USC/Visual Anthropology (BA)

                   Cooper Benjamin Surrett, USC/Psychology (BA)

                   Ashley Yu-Chih, USC/Computer Science Games (BS)

                   Anshul Ashok Pendse, USC/Computer Science (MS)

                   Frederico de Sa Fernandez, USC/Animation & Digital Arts (MFA)

                   Wasef El-Kharouf, USC/TV Film Production (MA)

                   Aaron Michael Reihs, USC/Thornton Music Composition (BFA)

                   Jonathan (Nathan) Iskandar, USC/Computer Science Games (BS)

                   Joy Winston Dsouza, USC/Computer Science Games (MS)

                   Jin Zhang, USC/Computer Science Games (Graduate)

                   Paul Richard Hughes, USC/TV Film Production (MA)

                   Sikandar Pratap Singh Sidhu, USC/TV Film Production (MA)

                   Lindsay Townley, USC/Animation & Digital Arts (BA)

                   Christine Deanna Barron, USC/Animation & Digital Arts (BA) 

Selected Publications

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